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VESTREF MET 100 Ice Tube Machine 10 Ton capacity

Rp. 549,300,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
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1 unit

Specification of VESTREF MET 100 Ice Tube Machine 10 Ton capacity

Ice Tube Machince
Crystalline or tube machine type MET 100 is a tube ice machine with a capacity of 10 Ton / 24 Hours with harvest output of 210 kg in duration of 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes MET 100 tube ice machine is capable of producing ice with a duration of 48x in 24 hours non-stop.
This ice tube / crystal MET 100 machine uses a 50 HP compressor with condenser cooler using water pumped from cooling tower. The cooling tower itself uses 1.5 KW of electric capacity and 2.2 kw water cooling pump.
Ice Tube Machine capacity of 10 Ton per day has the following specifications:
Specification Description
Brand VESTREF Refrigeration
Type MET 100
Capacity 10 Ton / 24 Hours
Ice out time 27-30 minutes
Ice Cycle 48x / 24 Hour
Ice out ± 210 Kg / 30 Minutes
Refrigerant R 22
Evaporator Made by VESTREF (local)
Kompressor Bitzer Gmbh - Semi hermetic new ecoline
Power 50 HP
Cooling Water Condenser
Condenser Bitzer Gmbh
Cooling Water Condenser
Cooling Tower Liang Ho
Power cooling tower 1.5 Kw
Water cooling pump 2.2 Kw
Morris Circulation Pump
Power 1.5 Kw
Morris motor cutter - Alliance
Power 1.1 Kw
Ice machine dimensions Estimated 2,500 x 2,000 x 3,500 mm
For more information please contact us :
VESTREF Refrigeration
Phone: 0813-8338-3330 (Telkomsel)
Whatsapp: 0818-0808-0668 (XL)


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