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VESTREF MEF 030 Ice Flake Machine Capacity 3 Ton / 24 Hours

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16 Mar 2023
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Ice Flake Machine Capacity 3 Ton / 24 Hours

Description :

Technical Specifications & Support of MEF 030 .

Ice Flake Machine MEF 030 .

Flake Ice Machine Operating Conditions

Capacity: 3 Tons/24 hours

Cooling/evaporating temperature : -20° C

Condensing temperature : 40°C


Machine operating system:

Full Automatic Control

Automatic harvest (production)

Refrigerant : Freon R404 A / R22

Ice flake thickness: 1.8 mm to 2 mm

The total dimensions of the flake(est) ice machine: W x W x H = 2,000 x 1,600 x 1,600 mm


Flake Ice Machine Technical Specifications (MEF 030):

Flake Ice Evaporator:

Drum Evaporator Material: SUS Plate 304

Roller blade drive : Gear motor 1 HP (750 W)/380V/3 phase


Ice Flake Raw Material Tank & Distribution Ice Flake :

Tank type: Rectangular tank (box tank)

Tank volume (estimated): 200 Kg

Tank Material: SUS 201 / 304 plate 1.5 mm thick

Tank insulator: aeroflex 20 mm


Flake Ice Machine Piping & Fitting System :

Refrigerant piping : ASTM B 280 . seamless copper pipe

Insulator refrigerant pipe: aeroflex 40 mm


Ice flake Machine Construction:

Under construction & structure : UNP carbon steel finish paint.

Construction & superstructure : UNP carbon steel finish paint


Flake Ice Machine Utility

Water sources

Water sources are needed to meet the water needs for the process of raw materials for ice fl

factory hygiene and sanitation

Raw material water requirements: 3 m3/day (3,000 liters/24 hours).

Ice flake raw material reservoir tank (raw material water reservoir)



Electricity is needed to drive the motor, pump and electrical system of the ice machine


Flake ice machine electrical requirements:

Compressor 1 stage : 14 HP (10.500 Watt / 380V / 3 phase

Gear motor roller blade: 1 HP (750 Watt / 380V / 3 phase)

Condenser fan : 4x200 (800 Watt / 380 V / 3 phase)

Total electricity demand (est): 12,100 Watt / 380 V / 3 phase

Notes : 
- Prices in Hundreds of Millions (DP Prices Only) 
- The goods are made first (if there are ready, must see the goods in the workshop first).
 - Prices do not include postage (postage listed is for sending purchase documents) 
- Preferably chat to the number listed in the picture of the item
 - A visit to the workshop is required before making a transaction. (Due to the large value). 
- The price listed is only for the unit of goods (not including installation costs for technicians, accommodation and transportation for installation technicians)

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