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Mesin Es Balok kapasitas 500 Kg / 24 Jam
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Specification of Mesin Es Balok kapasitas 500 Kg / 24 Jam

Mesin Ice Block

The small-scale MEB 005 beam ice machine is the most economical / modest ice machine package from us, as it is suitable for installation in small areas. MEB 005 ice machine is a machine that can produce ice-shaped stone beams with ice dimensions 50cm long, 15 cm wide and 10 cm thick ice.
The ice machine block MEB 005 uses 25 blocks of ice mold in one brine tank. Brine tank ice machine itself is a container / place of ice cube formation in the mold containing saline solution as a medium of conducting ice cooling beam. Within 12 hours of work, the ice machine MEB 005 beam can produce 25 cubes of ice with 10 kg weight estimation.
This mini capacity beam ice machine has the following specifications:
Specification Description
Brand VESTREF Refrigeration
Type MEB 005
Capacity 500 Kg / 24 Hours
Ice out time 8/12/24 hours
Ice cycles 3/2/1 times per 24 Hours
Ice Weight Beam 5/10/25 Kg
Number of Ice Molds / Harvest 50/25/10 Pcs
Evaporator Made by VESTREF (local)
Kompressor Bitzer Gmbh - Semi hermetic new ecoline
Power 3 HP
Air condenser cooler
Condenser Guthner / KUHL
Power 0.3 Kw
Brine Tank Morris Pump
Power 0.75 Kw
Estimated Engine Dimensions 2,200 x 1,500 x 1,000mm
Minimum power 6000 - 7000 Kva
For more information please contact us :
VESTREF Refrigeration
Phone: 0813-8338-3330 (Telkomsel)
Whatsapp: 0818-0808-0668 (XL)

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